Nelly Semenova

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I am a young researcher and nature blogger. I study ecology, ornithology and genetics deeply. I follow the world experience of urban biodiversity. I hope to apply the best practices for Moscow once.

My academic interests are creating a new computer algorithms in biogeography. I'm using Species distribution modeling system (SDM) based on the iNaturalist's (GBIF) big data. The niche modeling allow Russian scientists to research distribution of the rare species and their predictive habitat using machine learning methods such as maximum entropy MaxEnt, ANN, GBM, Random forest, XGB. These digital niche models make it possible to find new habitats for rare species in nature.

I curate iNaturalist's projects about the Red Lists and range mapping of the rare species.
Red List of Russia More 50000 observations
Red List of Moscow City More 100 members
Red List of Moscow Region More 1000 experts

All correct observations from iNaturalist users improves the accuracy of niche models. False data can destroy that models. Thanks for responsibility upload your data.

Here are some of my achievements.
✓ BirdID Nord University Certificate (Grade A)
✓ 37 awards of the Russian School Olympiads
✓ Multiple winner of the Birding Moscow Cup and the Golden Sandpiper Interregional Birding Cup

• Instagram account in Russian
• Telegram channel

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