Marco Floriani

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I am an amateur mycologist living in Trento, North-Eastern Italy. I have been studying mushrooms since when I was a child, an never gave up. Even if I have a particular interest for the genus Russula, I love studying all macromycetes, particularly those growing in my area, and I am coordinating a mapping project of the macromycetes of the province of Trento.
I am trying to encourage my fellow mycologists to share their knowledge and not to hide their observations, that's why I love iNaturalist and I am trying to share my own observations as much as possible. I am also uploading bit by bit many of my photographs, so that they can be enjoyed and used by the mycological community. If you see something that suit your needs, feel free to use them, as long as it is for a non commercial purpose (in the latter case, just send me a message).

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