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Since 2019 my wife Virginia Freire and I have been working on a field guide to the liverworts and hornworts of Hawaii, which we hope to share in 2024. Publications:

106 new island records for Hawaiian liverworts and hornworts. Judziewicz, E., Freire, A.V. and M.K. Thomas. 2024. Bishop Museum Occasional Papers 156: 3-22. [ pdf ] [published online 19 January 2024]

Freire, A.V., E.J. Judziewicz, D.C. Cargill, L.L. Forrest, S.R. Gradstein, H.L. Oppenheimer, Z. Pezzillo and S. Sepsenwol. 2023. Kahakuloa operculispora, a new Hawaiian simple thalloid liverwort in a new genus and family, Kahakuloaceae, Fossombroniales. Bryophyte Diversity and Evolution 46(1): 10-34. https://doi.org/10.11646/bde.46.1.4.

A survey of the hornworts and liverworts of Lana‘i, Hawaiian Islands, including 63 new records. Judziewicz, E., Freire, A.V. & Bogner, K.K. 2023. Bishop Museum Occasional Papers 155: 9-38. [ pdf ] [published online June 2023]

Updates to the Hawaiian hornwort (Antherocerotophyta) and liverwort (Marchantiophyta) floras: species new to Hawai‘i and name changes. Judziewicz, E. & Freire, A.V. 2023. Bishop Museum Occasional Papers 155: 157-176. [ pdf ] [published online 29 September 2023]

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