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My background is in ornithology and I have extensive knowledge of North American birds, as well as birds in many other parts of the world. Since I joined iNaturalist in 2020, I have become much more interested in learning about all organisms and their interactions with the environment.

When I first joined iNaturalist, I created a favorites list for my profile consisting of entirely bird species. To begin 2023, I am updating that list to reflect some of the non-avian taxa that I have developed a keen interest in since joining iNaturalist. Honestly, I've become so passionate about learning everything about everything since joining iNaturalist that it is REALLY hard to pick a favorite taxa. I have a feeling that in a few years I may have to revise my favorites list to just Life in general. :-) Thanks so much to all of the amazing identifiers on iNaturalist who have helped broaden my knowledge of insects, plants, fungi, etc!

If you have a question about one of my identifications, feel free to ask and I will offer more details.

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