David Tripp

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A retired high-school science and mathematics teacher who for 44 years loved introducing young people to the awesomeness of nature. Outdoor education and hands-on experiences were a significant part of my curriculum. My wife and I have two daughters and three grandchildren. We live in the Texas Hill Country just NE of San Antonio.

I was born in San Diego. Grew up in New Hampshire. Taught in Michigan, Washington and California. Built 2 log homes - first one on 20 acres in Harrietta, Michigan and the second on Whidbey Island in the Puget Sound of Washington state. I love the out-of-doors and encouraging others (students, daughters and now grandchildren) to do the same.

A Texas Master Naturalist.

Crotons of the Trans Pecos

Lichen Guide:

Texas Plant Hoppers - Fulgoroidea

Texas Tree Hoppers - Membracidae

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