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Blackland Prairie Chapter, Texas Master Naturalist Class of 2020 (certification in work).

My initial goal is to volunteer at all the partner venues for our Chapter, at least once, before setting my on-going support towards 1-2 of them. Base on a presentation I saw by Melanie Schuchart, I believe my passion for higher learning will be with pollinators, hummingbirds & pollinator gardening.
My wife (Pam) and I own ~27 acres in East Texas near the town of Linden, Texas. Our hope is to maintain it as a natural habitat for native wildlife, plants & other species (that don't itch or scratch).
We call it "Hidden Creek Hills" because there is a creek that roughly separates it into to halves with hills on either side that gradually climb to ~90 feet in elevation above the creek bed. With all the hard & soft wood trees, you can't see the creek from any elevated vantage point on the property ...thus the hidden creek. In addition we have a ~5-7 acre meadow that already has a lot of native grasses and wildflowers growing ...but we plan to plant more items that will attract pollinators. We had a TPWD Biologist evaluate our property so we could file a Wildlife Exemption and she provided us with a very favorable (written report) towards our goals ...and we got our tax exemption.
Finally, we have a Facebook site that we post updates about changes we make to the property, additionally we post a lot of trail camera photos and videos ...if you would like to follow us, go to:

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