Derek Hennen

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I earned my PhD from the Entomology Department at Virginia Tech, where I worked on millipede systematics. My research focused on the flat-backed millipedes in the order Polydesmida, particularly the Appalachian Xystodesmidae (the cherry millipedes). My current research interests include the North American millipede fauna, particularly the family Parajulidae (order Julida) and Appalachian centipedes in the orders Geophilomorpha and Lithobiomorpha. You can find more information about my research on my website,

I'm happy to help identify your millipede and centipede observations, and I would also love to receive any specimens you're willing to collect.

If you're interested in sending me specimens you find, please let me know! You can send them alive or preserved in alcohol (95% ethanol if possible), though live millipedes are preferred. To find millipedes, look under leaf litter, logs, and rocks, or go out at night with a UV flashlight--you may see some that fluoresce!

Want to learn more about collecting and identifying millipedes? Check out my Millipedes of Ohio field guide, available to download for FREE from the Ohio Division of Wildlife: It features 50 different species, and is useful for identification to the order or family level for much of eastern North America. Be wary of using it for species-level identifications outside of Ohio, however, as many more species occur outside the state.

If you would like to read my papers, you can find them on my Google Scholar page here:

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