Kim Finney

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Now retired I was previously Manager of the Australian Antarctic Data Centre. Prior to that role, I held senior positions with the National Oceans Office and CSIRO's Marine Division. My early career was spent in the Department of Defence (Navy) and as a marine botanist with the Maritime Services Board of NSW. I've been fortunate to represent Australia on international committees connected with improving the exchange of scientific data and have been involved with national task forces building Australia's marine data infrastructure. As an undergraduate I studied marine science at Sydney University, gaining a B.Sc, majoring in marine botany. Several years later I conducted research on seagrass algal epiphytes in estuaries along the coast of NSW and was awarded an M.Sc. Whilst working in Tasmania I completed a PhD. With more time to spare my goal is to identify and catalogue all forms of algae occurring in Port Cygnet (Tasmania) - my local waterway. Hopefully, these data can reach 'research quality' and become useful baseline information for future research and environmental studies.

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