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I am a professional parasitologist. Entomology is primarily a hobby but it does come into play in my job in the identification of arthropods of medical/public health concern.

My role here is primarily a specialist on Nearctic Elateridae and Throscidae (click beetles).

If you would like me to ID beetles other than Elateridae or Throscidae from North America, please flag my profile name so I will see them. My expertise in other families varies based on taxa and geographic distribution.

EDIT July 22, 2020. In order to avoid having to sift through too many comment bubbles on things I have already reviewed, I have started to 'Unfollow' the following: 1) Coleoptera other than Elateridae, 2) Any Alaus I put an ID on, 3) Click beetles identified at the species level where the ID is solid and there is agreement between a minimum of two people. If there is anything you need me to go back and revisit or explain in detail, please flag my name so I am aware of it. Thanks.

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