Austin R. Kelly Curador

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PhD student at Texas A&M University with the Wilcox Ecohydrology Lab in the Ecology and Conservation Biology Department studying Texas savanna ecosystems and their ecological restoration, environmental resilience, and ecohydrological principles.

Former Floristic Botanist at S.M. Tracy Herbarium and Lab Instructor for the Agrostology & Plant Taxonomy labs in the Ecosystem Science and Management Department at Texas A&M.

I love plants and all forms of wildlife and I am always happy to learn more and teach others what I know. Primarily, I am a plant ecologist, so my main training is in Botany but I have also had extensive biological training in Herpetology, Entomology, Lichenology, Bryology, and Mycology along with minor training in Ornithology and Mammology, but I plan to expand upon those soon as well.

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