Aidan Campos

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19 year old independently studying various sub-fields of biology, ecology, & natural history based in north-central Texas. My main focus is botany; I’m currently botanizing the southern Great Plains and southeastern US, and I specialize in the Cactaceae, Solanaceae, & Rosoideae with an emphasis on Rubus. Mycology and Carcinology come in close second and third places for my interests, though I will not hesitate to dive into spending days on end learning about other organisms such as insects or reptiles. In fact, some of my most interesting finds are obscure organisms which are so often overlooked. I take every opportunity I can to do field work and observe the organisms around me, be it a suburban area, local park, or on a family vacation. Along with my field botany work, for the past 3 years I’ve been working on a functional seed bank for personal and shared research use of wild plant species as well as unique cultivars of domesticated species, which has now amassed upwards of 3,000 accessions at last count. iNaturalist has been a recent discovery for me but it has quickly become my foremost tool to fulfill my want to track and catalog my finds, and I intend to use it throughout my entire journey as a biologist.

My Trips:
Florida Panhandle - August 2020

Texas Coastal Bend - Summer 2021

Colorado Rocky Mountains - August 2021

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