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09 de agosto de 2019

Thousands of Tarantulas are about to crawl across Colorado

August 8th 2019 Story by Kashmira Gander
Around the 10 of September but the article says you can see them in October as well. Between 5:46pm and 6pm
La Junta on Highway 109 on the Comanche National Grassland is the best spot, according to the tourism board.
They are looking for females.
It is an interesting article talks about the male and female tarantulas How long they can live and more.

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13 de agosto de 2019

7 Dogs died this past weekend due to Toxic Blue Algae

This past weekend 7 dogs have died. Dr.s could not save them. So far 1 in Georgia, 3 in N. Carolina, 3 in Austin, TX at Lady Bird Lake.
Dogs swimming and or drinking in this type of water have had seizures shortly after swimming and on arrival to the Vet's Brain dead.
It is found in fresh water but can migrate to marine water as well.
It is also bad for people. It can cause Alzheimer's, ALS and liver disease, as stated in the news.
Please be safe with your Pets and keep kids from playing in water not checked out by you or other.

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