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09 de novembro de 2022

Plymouth gentian phenology/life stages

One of my little projects throughout the year was to document the complete life cycle of Plymouth gentian (Sabatia kennedyana). The following links are provided to observations throughout the year representing different life stages of the plant. When an observation is obscured (manually or automatically) the date is also obscured, so I'm providing the date for each observation here. All observations were made on the Upper Cape and eastern Plymouth County, with all but two being at the same site, during 2022, a summer of severe drought. Flowering began in early July and peaked at the end of July, but if one looked hard enough they could find blooms until early November.

April 5: Rosette
May 24: Emerging shoots
June 23: First buds
July 1: Budding
July 7: First flowers
July 28: Full bloom, fruits beginning to develop
August 17: Heavy fruiting, most flowers gone
September 17: Plants senescing as fruits mature
November 9: Fruits mature and open

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