24 de janeiro de 2024

Absence from iNat.

In September 2023, I decided to offer my volunteer services to the victims of the Lahaina Fires of August 8th. I stayed for a month and a half, returning to CA only to downsize and moved here in December.

I have taken so many pictures that my phone is ready to bust at the seems. In the very bright sunlight of Maui it is just about impossible to look at your phone until you get to some shady area.
I thank in advance the folks who will help me ID species I am not familiar with and i thank those that have helped me through the years I have been a member of iNat.
Sleeping in a car or at the beach is not the best situation to post and I really have to learn all the updates that have taken place.
I really miss being part of the team and hope to be back soon with a larger screen than a cell phone. At 66, I am getting cataract which is an added nuisance to the task of posting.
Best of everything to all for 2024.

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25 de dezembro de 2018

Standing by for now

My laptop took a drive at the beginning of December and my area of the mojave desert has not started blooming yet. So, until the laptop is repaired i will not be able to post new observations. This cell phone is tiny and tough to navigate. So, best of everything to all for the new year.

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04 de janeiro de 2017

Starting a new year

I have mixed feelings about my participation in iNaturalist.org

Having moved a few times in the past three or four years, I have had a tough time keeping up with trying to ID and trying to follow other people's observations.
Now, that I am in the Mojave Desert, hiking alone and not knowing the flora/fauna of this area very much, as well as not encountering other hikers with the same interests I have, I must say I feel somewhat discouraged.
Technology is surpassing me and all the changes seem overwhelming.
I am still posting one observation at a time and the obsolete way it eats up too much of my time.

I doubt too many people will read this but, in case someone does, I would welcome a suggestion because I would like to regain some confidence in the work that I have been doing in documenting my surroundings.

Thank you for reading me and Happy trails to all for 2017.

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11 de abril de 2016

Still looking for other iNaters in my area or travelling through

I would be more than happy to have company on my hikes considering that I feel like I know very little about the plants of the Mojave Desert and because I am very close to Highways 15, 40 and 58. So, anyone reading this post is welcome to contact me via private message should you be passing through here and wanting to explore this area.

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16 de janeiro de 2016

San Bernardino County

I am not new to the Chaparral but indeed I am new to San Bernardino County, particularly the Mohave Desert. If anyone in or traveling through this area wants to hike and take pictures with me. Please contact me via messages. Hopefully, you will not mind my dog coming along because that what he has been doing for the past 11 years.
Thank you

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09 de janeiro de 2014

So far behind

To whomever reads this journal,

I am so far behind on posting pictures! From December 15th on, I have a lot of pictures on which to catch up cropping, posting and identifying.

From San Diego County birds to non-native plants of my neighborhood to a trip to Santa Cruz, CA at the end of the year...

Best wishes of health and great finds, on this beautiful water planet that we call home, to all iNaturalists observers.

Thank you all for all the help I have received and again Happy Trails to all.

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06 de dezembro de 2013

Crestridge Ecological Reserve

Just a quick note to mention, to whomever is reading this journal, that an article about Crestridge, iNaturalist and the project I started 2 years ago as a volunteer, came out on December 3rd on Earth Discovery Institute's Newsletter, see below.

I have been wanting to get some help from other people who enjoy the site and might walk or ride around (mountain bikes on specific trails).

3,000 acres is a lot to cover, by foot, and my physical health is not allowing me the long hikes I used to crave and still crave! So, yeah, more observers, more botanists, more lepidopterists, more birders. BJ, "finatic" has helped the project tremendously, in just a few visits. Thanks buddy!

I hope the children who will visit and enjoy some outdoor education, at Cresridge, will also add their observations to this project.
I have hope it will grow in number of participants both observing and reconfirming identifications. :-)


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28 de novembro de 2013

Birding on November 23 & 24, 2013

While the flora needs just a few more rains to revive itself, I had a great time birding on both 11/23 & 11/24.

Some species are easily recognizable while others seem to be so hard to figure out. The small grey and yellow ones give me trouble!
Now, if all the information could remain in my brain, like markings, songs, flight patterns, male, female and juveniles looks... It's overwhelming.

I really appreciate all the help I have been getting from birders on iNat.
Not that you will read this post but I am really thankful for all the prompt identifications and the field guidance I have been receiving.

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28 de outubro de 2013

Tijuana River area on 10/27/2013

Great day with a couple of "iNaters." Still testing the new lens and getting better pictures of birds but branches seem to get in the way and birds on wires are just not as attractive as those in trees. Then, I forget all the names I am told...
Butterflies are still around and they are a delight!

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15 de setembro de 2013


Lucky enough to be able to visit a new country to me, I was able to spend 17 days looking for nature and observing how people lived in:

  • Guatemala City (only staying at a hostel for my first and last nights in the country
  • Panajachel, at the edge of Lake Atitlan, for most of my stay but visiting various villages around the lake
  • Chichicastenango, mostly for market day
  • Quetzaltenango for a couple of days

Other than admiring the wonderful textile work done by Mayan women on a back-strap loom, and observing how they dresses and worked, my most favorite part was to spend some time in lush vegetation rich in fauna. Since it was the rainy season the challenge was to explore when the sun was out, particularly to see butterflies and insects.

My favorite location was "Reserva Natural Atitlan" about a kilometer away from Panajachel. It is a secondary forest that was, at some point, a coffee plantation and later an attempt was made to grow sugarcane. The major challenge for me was to be able to focus my camera with low light under the thick canopy while my glasses and viewfinders would fog up. Being alone on the trails and suspended bridges was a thrill. Time was of no importance and "Now" was all that mattered.

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