16 de setembro de 2020


Grass: I found this grass growing on the side of the road with not a lot of water in the environment, It didn't smell like anything but dirt. It felt rough and pokey on the ends of it, it felt softer in the middle, and since its almsot winter it was becoming dry and brown.

Dicot Flowers: The red flower was up by behind my house, it was in a clay dirt environment, It was a colder climate when I found it. It was also dry arounf the environemnt because of little to no rain. The pettles on it were soft and it smelt sweet and was kind of rough like the grass was on the ends.

Red Flower Berries: I found this bush of red berries and leaves at my school I go to, it was aslo in a clay dirt, dry envronment.It was warmer weather and was a little windy. The touch of them were sandpaper like and the berries were shiny and smooth , The stem was aslo smooth and gree. The leaves are a red and green color. It didnt smell like anything but a dirt smell like the grass did, and since it was dry the leaves made a crunching noise.

Cactus: I found this plant up to my feild on the hill, it was hot and kind of warm and dry around the plant. I didnt touch it becuase I didnt want to get slivers, but the flower didnt smell as sweet as the red flower did. the flower had little slivers on it as weel but the petals did feel soft, it was not windy and was in the summer.

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