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01 de novembro de 2020

The more I learn...

I'm studying Calico Aster (if you haven't guessed), Symphyotrichum lateriflorum. The more I read, the less confident I feel with former IDs! Self-confidence in science is a bad thing, perhaps. Just trying to make a mental note of the ones I question, marking them as favorites to go back to later. At least I know which ones are S. lat in my own backyard. :)

Yesterday, I went outside after several days of rain and cold. Most everything has gone to seed. I took off the heads of numerous goldenrods so that today's wind won't cause them to infiltrate areas they haven't already. I meant to get them before they started flying, but the rain got in the way. Or perhaps I should have braved it.

I didn't get any photos of the aster seed heads. I should have. At that time, it didn't occur to me that the upcoming 25-45mph winds will blow them away. Living in Windy-ana has its drawbacks.

I think deer like the young leaves of the calico. It's surprising to go back after a day and see a small plant gone. I hope they enjoyed it, and I'm glad it's perennial.

Have you ever watched a deer eat a dandelion in bloom? One time, I saw one eat each leaf and save the bloom and peduncle for last. Lately, this young buck (second year, I think) has been eating sunflower heads.

This has been a fun summer. My first year with iNat. My first to learn the name of this special sweet little flower I would see every year. Calico Aster. Symphyotrichum lateriflorum. An easy Haiku could be made from its name alone.

Symphyotrichum lateriflorum is the Calico Aster.

Ode to a tiny plant. Ode to an American Aster.

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