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24 de janeiro de 2023

My Trip to New York

Day 1

4:45-5:30 Wake up eat breakfast and get ready for flight
5:30-6:30 Drive to Pheonix sky harbor
6:30-8:00 Going through security board plane
8:30 depart for JFK New york city
8:30-2:00 Flight from Pheonix to New york
2:00-4:00 Drive to Manhattan at time square hotel. and check in
4:00-5:30 rest and check sleep
5:30-6:00 Eat late lunch at the famous joe’s pizza NYC
6:00- 8:00 Explore time square and rockefeller center in NYC
8:00-9:00 Visit the empire state building and 9/11 memorial.
9:00 Eat dinner at Royal 35 steakhouse
9:00-9:45 Drive back to Manhattan at time square hotel.
9:45-11:00 Unwind and sleep

During Day 1 we will be leaving our home to fly across the country to New york city. It will be a five hour flight to New york city. During the arrival in New York we will be eating at joe’s pizza for lunch which is an iconic restaurant of the streets of New york city. We will be arriving at Manhattan at time square hotel and be checking in at around two O’clock. At around eight pm there will be time to visit the empire state building and 9/11 memorial. Then we will eat dinner and go to sleep.

Day 2
6:30-8:00 Wake up get ready
8:00-8:30 Drive to central park for start of birdwatching
8:30-1:45 Birdwatching at central park
1:45-2:30 Eat lunch at jerk pan on E 48th St and park ave Ny
2:30-3:00 drive back to central park
3:00-6:20 Birdwatching
6:20-7:30 drive to city island to eat at sammy seafood restaurant and Tony’s pier
7:30-8:30 drive back to Manhattan at time square hotel.
8:30-9:00 Wind down sleep
During day two we will get straight to it and start birdwatching. We will be birdwatching in the iconic central park of New york city for approximately eight plus hours. Some of the birds we hope to see are Virginia rail, Northern flicker, Red-necked grebe, and bufflehead birds. We also hope to find many more birds. Then we will take a break from birdwatching in between to eat jamaican food at a food cart locacted on E 48th St and park ave Ny. Then after birdwatching we will drive to city island the bronx at around six twenty. Someone told me about it saying they have underrated seafood.
Day 3
6:30-7:30 Wake up, get ready, Eat food.
7:30-7:45 Leave Manhattan at time square hotel and visit and watch good morning america.
7:45-8:30 Drive to the boat to visit the statue of liberty
8:30-9:30 Visit statue of liberty
9:30-10:20 Drive for bird watching at van cortland park
10:20-2:00 Birdwatching at van cortland park bronx.
2:00-2:30 Eat pizza at knicks pizza
2:30-5:30 Birdwatching at van cortland park bronx
5:30-7:00 Eat dinner at crave restaurant Bronx
7:00-7:50 drive to times square
7:50-10:00 shopping at times square
10:00-10:10 walk to hotel
10:10-10:45 Sleep
During day three we will be waking up bright and early to hopefully catch the production and film of good morning america in times square new york. Then we will go straight to taking a boat to visit the statue of liberty at around eight thrity. Once we return from visiting the statue of liberty we will go to birdwatching at a new sight named van cortland park in the bronx. Some birds we hope to see are pigeons, Eastern kingbirds, Mallards and many more. After we will eat dinner at a restaurant recommended by a friend named crave who focus on caribbean cuisine. Finally we will return home and sleep after some time square shopping.

Day 4
8:00-8:30 Eat breakfast at Liberty bagels midtown.
8:30-9:15 Drive to pelham park for birdwatchhing.
9:15-2:00 Birdwatch and picnic.
2:00-4:00 Eat lunch at Bua thai ramen & robata grill.
4:00-4:45 Drive back to hotel
4:45-5:30 Rest
5:30-6:00 Walk to World trade center
6:00-8:00 Enjoy And eat dinner at world trade center
8:00-8:30 Walk back to hotel
8:30-9:00 Have coffee and read magazine in hotel lobby
9:00-9:45 Shower, sleep.
Day four we will eat breakfast at Liberty bagels midtown at eight in the morning. Then we will have a nice calm drive to pelham park for birdwatching. We will bridwatch for about 4 hours and 45 minutes. After we will enjoy a nice walk to the world trade center and eat early dinner and enjoy the views and the new experience. We will then walk back to our hotel while admiring and enjoying the views around nyc. We will then go to sleep at the hotel.
Day 5
8:00-8:30 Eat breakfast at hotel
8:30-9:30 Walk to The Metropolitan Museum of Art
9:30-2:00 Enjoy the Metropolitan Museum of Art
2:00-3:30 Eat lunch at knick pizza near museum
3:30-4:15 Drive to barcalays center
4:30-7:30 Watch basketball game brooklyn nets
7:30-8:00 Check out of hotel
8:00-8:45 Drive to airport
8:45-9:45 go through security
9:45-11:59 wait at gate
12:10 takeoff for flight to Arizona end of trip

Today is our final day in New york city we will vist the Metropolitan Museum of Art for four and a half hours. Then we will eat a nice big last pizza lunch. After we will enjoy a brooklyn nets basketball game. Once we finished watching the nets game. We will head to the airport and return home to phoenix. We will eat dinner in the airport and depart at 12:10 am.

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