03 de junho de 2021

Calibration of Temperature Measurements

Temperature measurements using a lab alcohol thermometer were compared to the temperature measurements taken using Sherwood Wisdom dive computers. This calibration confirmed that the Sherwood computers consistently read 4 degrees F lower than actual temperature. Since previous posts to iNaturalist have used raw measurements from the Sherwood computers, to maintain consistency all future posts on iNaturalist will also use the measurements as taken using the Sherwood computers. Therefore, to find the actual temperature, it is necessary to add four degrees F to the measurement in a post.

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30 de setembro de 2020

Note about temperatures and other data presented with observations.

Measurements of depth and temperature from marine life observations were made using a Sherwood Wisdom 2 or a Sherwood Wisdom 3 dive computer. This computer measures the coolest temperature during the dive, and if a thermocline is present a manual temperature reading is taken above the thermocline. It should be noted that other members of the dive team consistently report temperature measurements several degrees higher than the Wisdoms. Preliminary data suggests variation in temperature of 4 degrees F, but it is not clear if other computers are measuring the coolest temperature or the average temperature. The Wisdom dive computers have not yet been calibrated. It is recommended that temperature data from these observations be used with caution. A future journal post will be provided with the results of calibration.

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