14 de janeiro de 2022

14 Jan 2022

A strong La Nina this summer - mild and wet.
Hearing and seeing YtBCs almost every day, either in the garden or flying over, to/from the forest. Also observing Gang Gangs regularly, but not as frequently as the YtBCs.
Rufous Whistlers are back in our forest and around the house this summer after a near complete absence in summer 20-21.
Brown Goshawk still a resident and regularly observed (mostly heard) in the forest around the house - mainly to the north. Mostly heard calling from near the NW corner of the north paddock - near Andrew and Linda's boundary.
Other regular summer migrants also present - YfHe, BfCsh, Leaden/Satin Fc, SKf, but fewer WhTh Warblers than usual.

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