Jokko Marat

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Lat: Iokko
De: Jokko
En: Yokko
Just one person more who is collecting pictures out there in the nature.
If you are interested in one of my observations, if you need additional informations.. just ask and i will try to provide you the information, if you need some special test, you have to tell me how i can do it with non-expensive households and i will try what ever is possible.
If you identify some observations i am glad if it is specific as possible, or from its taxonomic top to down as you can.
If you have some hints or information on any thing, that you may think is useful, please feel free to use the comment option on my observations.
Mostly i am interested in useful plants as herbs or stuff to eat, some medicinal stuff too, animals just by random.
I my self am human, genus: homo non-sapiens.
Thanks for reading my profile...
... your Iokko/Jokko/Yokko

I am a poor. Collecting informations about plant's and animals is just one hobby.
If you have a old (or new) smartphone, that runs Inaturalist, with a good and fast cam and a lot of storage space, feel free to donate it to me before you throw it away. By donating your awesome smartphone to me you do tree things in one, you recycle it and save the environment, you make me happy, you help me to help Inaturalist flawlesser. Over the years i saw many apps and the only stuff i realy use is whatsapp, youtube and Inaturalist, stuff as facebook, twitter, instagram is maybe nice to have but it consumes my phone to death.
An other thing that i could use is a computer with working hardware, actually i have a laptop, but a bunch of pictures is overdoing the graphic card and it shuts the computer down, even google picture search or Inaturalist, no way to think about videos at all. A working computer would allow me to find more informations about plants or animals, and with some luck even to redo my second hobby, some computer music or graphic stuff and maybe even to open youtube without a blackout.
If you are gifted and also have a microscope standing in your way, hehe, of course i would take it too, specifically if you also have a cam to apply to it, but this does not matter, i already did some microscope pictures with a smartphone when i had the chance.
Also if you think you have some other useful stuff, which i may could use, and that wastes your space... just contact me and may i will take it and free your room ;)
To contact me you may use the private message function on the Inaturalist website or let me some how know, i have no car and i am around in the region as you see on Inaturalist
So, good luck and have a good time :D

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