Taxonomy details for Vida

Not covered by any taxon frameworks (State of matter Life is the root of the tree)

Defines a Taxon Framework for Life sourced to Catalogue of Life: 2018 Annual Checklist

Downstream coverage: rank filo

Complete: true

Overlapping downstream Taxon Frameworks: 1
Attached Taxon Classificação Downstream coverage rank Fonte
Animalia reino ordem World Register of Marine Species

Relationship unknown count: 11

Curadores de táxons:

Flagged covered taxa: 27

Taxon Framework notes:

iNaturalist follows Catalog of Life from the root node through rank phylum. A caveat being that Kingdom Animalia uses a separate framework sourced to WoRMs that takes precedence.

Currently there are some additional Fungi Phyla not in Catalog of Life marked with 'not external' deviations. Its unclear how these map to Catalog of Life. Guidance needed on whether to bring the base of the Fungi tree in line with Catalog of Life, create more informatively mapped deviations, or to create a framework sourced elsewhere.