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18 de novembro de 2022

16/11/22 Bird & Frog survey: Yellingbo

For a fauna survey, we spent a lot of time looking at and recording the flora! The day was mostly overcast, but the sun was fabulous when it came out, and the company of 9 people who love being in the bush wasn't bad either :)
The ground was sodden, even on much of the dry slope we walked, with flooding events continuing. Despite that, we recorded 33 species of birds including 6 Rufous Whistlers with 2 that looked like they were pairing, a Wedge-tailed Eagle, Brown Goshawk, Sacred Kingfisher and a solitary Silvereye. A few species of orchids caught our eye, as did the Dwarf Boronia - a significant species in our region, and hard to see when not in flower. We found a number of plants that we'll go back and protect.

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26 de outubro de 2022

26/10/22 Bird & Frog survey: Yellingbo

After a downpour of rain the previous night, hitting already sodden soil, the creek was running fast and every bit of low lying land was filled to capacity and overflowing. It was wet underfoot, but an interesting time to be out in the reserve doing our surveys! The weather was overcast yet kind, with just a bit of drizzle, but still and reasonably warm. It wasn't surprising that our bird list wasn't huge - 28 species recorded - including a Rufous Whistler, Satin Flycatcher, Silvereyes and Fan-tailed Cuckoo. Just 2 frog species heard, the Eastern Banjo Frog and Common Eastern Froglet. For a bird and frog survey, we spent a lot of time looking at orchids! They were everywhere, including at least 2 types of Sun-orchids (flower buds yet to open), Eastern Bronzehood, Waxlips, Purple Beard Orchid, Pink Lady Finger and Large Tongue-orchid. As always, the company and walk was great, as was the lemon slice that Robert baked for us :)

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22 de setembro de 2022

22/09/22 Flora & Frog survey: Yellingbo

A beautiful morning greeted us to a flora survey where we haven't done one before. Seven people, including 2 new people to our flora surveys, found several large colonies of Maroonhoods, interspersed with Common Bird Orchids. We also found some Sun Orchids with flower spikes just emerging which we'll check on in the coming weeks. Which species are they? After all the rain it was boggy underfoot in what we would expect to be much drier areas. There wasn't a lot of insect life but it was nice to see some species around such as the White-spotted Swift Spider, a glossy red coloured Leaf Beetle and more. Just 2 species of frogs calling today, the Common Eastern Froglets were abundant, whilst we heard a solitary Pobblebonk. A highlight was seeing what we suspect were 2 Swamp Harriers seeming to harass a Wedge-tailed Eagle, flying high above the swamp. Another highlight was everyone saying what a great day they had out in the bush :)

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21 de setembro de 2022

21/09/22 Bird, Platypus & Frog survey: Yellingbo

Our bird, platypus and frog survey had all of this and more today. Two sightings of a platypus, approx 2 hours apart (plus a photograph this time!!), 42 species of birds and 1 species of frog calling (Common Eastern Froglet). That's got to count as a good morning out :)
Four new people to our surveys were warmly welcomed. It's always a joy to meet new people and share the joys of the bush, laughter and the easy conversation and company of like-minded people.
Some bird highlights? A pair of Black Swans with a signet, a Pelican flying overhead (2 water birds we don't often see), a Fan-tailed Cuckoo sitting for ages on the fence letting us get a good look, 6 species of honeyeater, and so much more!
How good is this group of people?! What a joy to be out in the reserve with them all today.

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08 de setembro de 2022

07/09/22 Youth event – Flora survey: Yellingbo

If marking National Threatened Species Day with a flora survey in near perfect weather wasn't enough, the bonus was seeing all participants actively engaged in working out what species they were observing. Today was about treading lightly on the ground, and focussing in on the species that can be a bit cryptic - grass-like blades of green, or leaves easily confused with a Eucalyptus leaf, or tiny rosettes that like magic send up the most stunning of flowers - the orchids. We found Nodding and Tall Greenhoods in flower, Large tongue-orchids with the very beginning of a flower spike emerging, and Sun orchids, some with flower spikes emerging. We'll go back to hopefully catch the flowers open and determine the species. Other species that grabbed everyone's attention were two species of Sundew (Tall and Rosy), with their glistening leaves that lure, capture, and digest insects. Then there were the wattles, rushes, grasses, herbs, eucalyptus and much, much more!

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22 de agosto de 2022

17/08/22 Bird, Platypus & Frog survey: Yellingbo

During National Science Week our Yellingbo bird survey participants recorded a staggering 52 species of birds including a rarely sighted Australian Pelican and Black Swan. Another 3 new species were recorded since our regular bird surveys began in Sept 2020: Straw-necked Ibis, Long-billed Corella and Eurasian Coot, bringing our total species list recorded to 96. Our previous daily record was 40 species recorded. Another highlight today were two Wedge-tailed Eagles soaring above us being harassed by a group of Little Ravens. It's breeding season for both species and they compete for nesting sites and resources. After heavy rain, the creek was bursting its banks but the wet ground didn't deter us! Together, a team of people that described themselves as "beginner" to "pretty good" at identifying plants, birds and other animals all contribute to what we see, hear and record. The frogs (Common Eastern Froglet Crinia signifera) were making a racquet. We didn't spot a platypus today. We wondered what protective behaviours they employ when waterways are overflowing and moving as fast as they were today. As we sat down to enjoy lunch together, the warmth of a winter's morning and shared conversation was icing on the cake. What an awesome group of people to spend a morning with!

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16 de julho de 2022

07/07/22 Youth event – Frog survey: Yellingbo

No data is good data.
The Youth Reference Group of the Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater spent the afternoon in search of Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog, a ‘banana box’ frog that had been introduced into the area. Protecting the native species is a priority in the reserve. Introduced species can alter the ecology on the habitat they’re found in, as well as carry the risk of bringing in diseases and other bugs with them. The Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog had been found in the reserve in previous surveys, and the Friends wanted to know whether this tropical species would survive the harsh Victorian winter.
The day came with sporadic rain and an assortment of feathered companions who followed our journey with both curiosity and indifference; Kookaburras who watched from the trees and Superb Fairy-wrens who danced on the grass below. Some frog calls were identified, yet despite the time spent meticulously scouring the reeds with binoculars until our eyes crossed, no amphibians were spotted. But this didn’t matter, as we were given the opportunity to find something else even rarer, and what a blessing that was.
Despite having found no evidence, on this occasion, of the Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog residing in the reserve, the Friends will conduct another survey later in the year.

Text by: Cerrita Louw

Thank you Cerrita :)

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22 de junho de 2022

23/06/22 Bird & Frog survey: Yellingbo

The frogs were quiet today and the birds weren't vocalising much, but despite that, we came away having seen 35 species of birds. The tracks were wet after so much rain in the region lately, and the skies overcast for most of the morning, but it was still and dry. As we sat down to enjoy lunch together, the blue skies peaked through. As Wendy said, "it's great to be out in the bush in winter!" The highlight for all of us were three Varied Sittellas finding food under the bark of the Eucalypts, two Bassian Thrush picking their way through the leaf litter just ahead of us on the track, and ... one partridge in a pear tree? No! One Powerful Owl sitting proudly in the Blackwood hanging onto dinner, a Ringtail Possum. As Ron said, it was "another enjoyable and relaxing day out with a really good group of people."

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31 de maio de 2022

28/05/22 Twilight Walk: Yellingbo

Fourteen enthusiastic participants, under Karen's guidance, braved the early evening on a Twilight Walk. It was a still, mostly clear night, and a waning moon with just 5.6% illumination. We sighted 5 Common Brushtail Possums, 5 Ringtail Possums, 5 Sugar Gliders and Common Wombat scats on our approx 2km walk. Heard, but not seen, were the Common Eastern Froglet, Victorian Smooth Froglet and Southern Brown Tree Frog. Bird species heard were: 3 Masked Lapwing, 2 Common Blackbird, 4 Australian Wood Duck, 2 Purple Swamphen and 2 Superb Fairywren.
As we drove away at 8pm, the temperature gauge was showing 4 deg celsius. With our coldest months to come, it's pretty incredible to think our native animals are so well adapted to life outdoors, provided we as humans leave their critical habitat intact!
Thank you to Karen for sharing her knowledge and passion for animals with us tonight.

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11 de maio de 2022

11/05/22 Bird & Frog survey: Yellingbo

I don't think we could have had a better day to be out in the bush - unless the sun was out a little more perhaps! An overcast, but still day with a touch of crispness in the air saw 8 of us walking a mostly shaded track along Woori Yallock Creek this morning surveying for birds. The fungi stopped many of us in our tracks however - there were lots of species that just had to be photographed and uploaded to iNat :)
A Bassian Thrush caught our eye before heading out of the carpark, as did a pair of Common Bronzewings taking a drink. A highlight was a Powerful Owl staring down at us from its perch high in a Blackwood. By the size, we felt it was most likely a female. In all, 27 bird species today, and perhaps best of all, the company and chatter of people who don't think your a little unusual by getting excited at the fungi & animal scat finds :)

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