Flora of Wind Wolves Preserve

If you are interested in learning what plants can be found at Wind Wolves Preserve, please check out our iNaturalist Field Guide. Just click on the “Guides” tab at the top of the project page, type in “Flora of Wind Wolves Preserve” in the search window, and you will find our plant species list for the preserve. The list is currently incomplete as it is an ongoing project, but if you would like to learn about the plants that are currently there just click on their images for more information. Happy learning!

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Wind Wolves Preserve is an ecologically unique region where the Transverse Ranges, Coast Ranges, Sierra Nevada, western Mojave Desert and San Joaquin Valley converge. Due to elevation ranging from 640 to 6,005 feet, the preserve has an impressive array of landforms and habitats that serve as a critical landscape linkage and wildlife corridor between the Coast Ranges and Sierra Nevada. At ...mais ↓

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