Update - Oct Month End

We are still slowly accumulating additional observations. The past week (mid-Oct) for Ohio Odonata has not been the best - cold and cloudy for much of the state. Most of the new submissions have been for earlier in the year. The coming week looks to be a little warmer and maybe some sunshine - don't stop now!

Oct 2023 is above the 5-year average on observations, but still about 300 observations behind 2022. With our current numbers, if we can get the 5-year average for Nov (134), we will finish the year with over 37,000 new research grade records for the Ohio Odonata Society database. This is 10,000 more than the 5-year average.

We've looked at County and Species data (see previous journal entries). The numbers have gone up a bit.

The observation count for 63 counties is now above the 5-year average. 20 counties have had an all time high number observations. 52 counties had more species recorded than the 5-year average. 12 counties recorded an all time high number of species. So far, we have 130 new County Records. 7 species were observed in all 88 counties, 4 other species had more than 80 counties.

We have 135 species for the year. This is down compared to recent years. We did however have an amazing 96 species that had more observations than the 5-year average. Equally impressive, 55 species set new all time high numbers.

So far, 1,008 observers have contributed research grade observations.

Nicely done. These numbers speak well to our efforts of getting out.

Posted on 22 de outubro de 2023, 05:24 PM by jimlem jimlem


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