Early August


Eastern Forktail, Blue Dasher, Eastern Pondhawk, and Eastern Amberwing are now County-Complete.

We still need Widow Skimmer and Fragile Forktail for Wyandot County, and Common Whitetail for Putnam County.

There is progress on the next five, maybe not reachable, but we can try - we know these are all there, we just need someone to take a look:

Prince Baskettail Violet Dancer Orange Bluet Blue-fronted Dancer Stream Bluet
Ashland Hocking Allen Allen Ashland
Athens Huron Fayette Carroll Auglaize
Columbiana Knox Hancock Gallia Carroll
Hocking Logan Henry Geauga Guernsey
Holmes Madison Hocking Guernsey Harrison
Marion Mercer Holmes Harrison Hocking
Ottawa Ottawa Mahoning Huron Huron
Richland Ross Mercer Jefferson Jefferson
Vinton Warren Paulding Morrow Marion
Wyandot Williams Putnam Ottawa Mercer
Wyandot Ross Richland Morgan
Sandusky Trumbull Scioto
Van Wert Union Tuscarawas
Williams Wyandot Union

Many of the counties listed have multiple needs, and are towards the low end on observations and observers.

Numbers Update

We are over 25,000 RG observations on the year. Franklin Co has the most observations (> 2,400), Montgomery Co has the most species (71).

Eastern Forktail still with a lead in observations. Eastern Pondhawk and Blue Dasher rising quickly - these two species have been at the top each of the last five years.

Mapping the Needs

We haven't had a new map for awhile. For the big picture, here is a revised map showing where we need observations - green mean Go! The plus sign show the approximate number (in hundreds) to reach a database total of 1,000 observations. This might seem like a lot, but our top 10 counties average 8,610 observations.

Counties with fewer than 80 observations on the year are all northwestern: Wood, Mercer, Paulding, Allen, Auglaize, and Wyandot.

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Lee and I are headed to Brown Co today.

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