July 10 - Update

Four-spotted Skimmer - I am still getting messages (as of 7/9) that people are seeing what they think is Four-spotted Skimmers. The most recent confirmed observation in iNat is 7/7. Continue to monitor for this species when you're out!

Species Count - We have now recorded 120 species for 2023. Good, but slightly behind past seasons. Some Odes are more common in late summer, but we have seen most of what there is. Forktail species are still in the lead for observations, but Blue Dasher and Eastern Pondhawk are dominating the July reports. We averaged nearly 350 observations/day for June. July is following form. 11 days in 2023 have had over 500 RG observations. This all makes for lots of IDs and data, good stuff.

These are the top 18 most-likely species that we have not yet recorded for 2023, in descending order of their past frequency.

Shadow Darner
Great Spreadwing
Spotted Spreadwing
Lance-tipped Darner
Smoky Rubyspot
White-faced Meadowhawk
Green-striped Darner
Russet-tipped Clubtail
Common Sanddragon
Black-tipped Darner
Eastern Ringtail
Gilded River Cruiser
Macromia Hybrid
Laura's Clubtail
Ocellated Darner
Golden-winged Skimmer
Elusive Clubtail
Striped Saddlebags

We should be able to pick things towards the top of the list, after that we need some good weather patterns and luck. My guess is we will be below our 5yr ave (138). There are other species as well, but rare.

County Count - Franklin is the clear leader in observations, then Ashtabula, then a long way to Lucas, Champaign, Summit, and Montgomery.

Targets - We are making some progress on our target counties, more on that in a few days. It's also time to start the countdown on our County-Complete species, more on that also to come. Biggest gaps are currently Knox, Fayette, Putnam, Paulding - all with fewer than 10 species on the year.

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