June 19 - Four-spotted Skimmer - DOUBLE ALERT

OK, an exciting day.

We are close to 50 reports in iNat on the Four-spotted Skimmer “event” - now covering a dozen counties. Some folks reporting Four-spotted sightings at every wetland they visit. Some reporting Four-spotted as outnumbering Pondhawks at specific wetlands. Still others reporting pairs in wheel and females ovipositing.

This is an unusual and interesting event. And you can play along - our current guess is that they could literally be anywhere in Ohio. Look for a medium-sized golden-to-yellowish dragonfly. Similar in size and behavior to a Common Whitetail - abdomen a bit wider than most dragons, sitting on a preferred perch. I saw them yesterday sparring with Whitetails and Twelve-spots.

Four-spotted is a northern species that has seen dwindling numbers - so this is a “lifer” opportunity for many. Also, a shot at a county record.

Several folks reported more observations yesterday (in one day) than we’ve seen in most years.

So, this is a triple-dog dare to go find one!

Posted on 19 de junho de 2023, 12:48 PM by jimlem jimlem


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