Update - Late October

While the season is winding down, but not nearly over, we can start to look at numbers.

2022 will certainly finish with more observations than any previous year. Now over 34,000.

With a cold few days, our 2022 streak of 163 consecutive days with observations came to an end on Oct 17, after starting on May 7. This trails the 2021 consecutive days count of 171 (May 10 - Oct 28) and 2018 count of 168 days (Apr 30 - Oct 14). Weather plays a big part in this, but we had a good showing this year.

2022 will now have the earliest outdoor Odonata adult observation, with Common Green Darner on Mar 6 in Greene Co. Our latest adult flight record is Nov 30 (1975), with an Eastern Forktail, also Greene Co. The typical late date is Nov 20 (both 2020 and 2021).

Prior to 2022, the individual day with the most observations was Jun 23, 2019 with 595 observations, covering 67 species in 41 counties. We topped the 595 on five different days in 2022 (6/25, 6/24, 8/13, 6/17, and 7/30). The top 2022 day was Jun 25 with 672 observations, covering 55 species in 32 counties. There was an additional day, Jun 11, 2022 where we matched the 67 species reported on a day.

We're probably close to the 2022 total on County and Species combinations. With a few weeks to go, 2022 is over 50% of this historical measure. This means we recorded in 2022 at least half of the County and Species occurrences that we've ever recorded. While not quite as high as 2019, still a good measure of an effective survey year.

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