Tracking the Strange 2015 Foliage Season

It's been a strange foliage season in much of Vermont. Trees in the hollows changed around the right time or just a bit late, while trees on higher mountains were still green into October. In some cases the colors are less vibrant than usual, but in other areas they are as eye-popping as ever. Overall things are late... last year at this time, and also two years ago at this time, most of the leaves had fallen around Montpelier, but still the trees have many leaves this year.
Any colorful foliage reports in the greater New England area are helpful (not being a stickler about boundaries - NY state is great too)... but don't forget to also add green foliage on species that are usually already colorful. If you find bare trees like maples and birch, go ahead and add those too.

If you would like to keep your observation locations obscured and don't want to share them with this project, please still feel free to participate. However, if obscured, a general elevation might be helpful, no need to give too much detail!

Posted on 09 de outubro de 2015, 01:21 PM by charlie charlie


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