Official Results are In...

Our first City Nature Challenge is in the books! I am grateful and impressed with how you stepped up to participate in the City Nature Challenge: getting outside and documenting our local biodiversity despite the truly horrible weather and helping with identifications; no matter if you made 1 observation or 100 observations , 1 identification or 100 identifications your support and enthusiasm for the CNC is so appreciated.

CNC Overall Results
We wanted to make sure to share the full collective results with all of you (visit the umbrella project journal to see the global infographic):
Total # of observations: 1,870,763
Total # of observers: 66,394
Total # of species documented: 57,227+, including 2,570 rare/endangered/threatened species
Most observed species: Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos)
Number of participating countries: 46
Number of participating cities: 482

Here in Susquehanna County, our final results were:
Total # of observations: 568
Total # of observers: 10
Total # of species documented: 259
Most observed species: Two-leaved Toothwort

Here's a infographic highlighting our results this year and some finds from throughout the County:
Susquehanna County 2023 CNC Results

Mark you calendars now for next years City Nature Challenge, April 26 through 29, 2024

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