Robert Glotzhober

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I am retired -- Curator Emeritus of Natural History for the Ohio History Connection. Part of my time with them (and loads of my own time) was as founder and coordinator of the Ohio Odonata Survey. The goal of the survey was to develop a baseline knowledge of the distribution and abundance of dragonflies and damselflies in Ohio. We ran with a bunch (30 or so) of volunteers, with partial funding from the Ohio Division of Wildlife, from 1991 thru 2002 when our work was published as "The Dragonflies and Damselflies of Ohio" (Ohio Biological Survey publication)

About 6 or 8 years ago we developed a "Photo Records Committee" to evaluate the identification of submitted photos as possible new records. Over the years, this really took off. Our committee of six is currently evaluating 134 possible new records (new county records, new state records, updated old records where they have not been seen for a long time, endangered species, etc.). We are also getting ready to start a new survey to see what changes have taken place in the years since our original survey started -- and hope to be able to use records on iNaturalist to assist with that.

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