Joel Neylon

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Interested in birds and bumblebees. I also upload to
Most of my ID's are for Bombus in the USA and Canada, feel free to tag me if you want me to take a look at an observation. If you tag me to look at an observation outside of that region/taxon, I'll still be glad to take a look, worst I'll say is I don't know.

I have written a few guides on Bombus ID.

I make a lot of ID's so I don't always give an explanation. If you have a question about an ID or found a mistake I made, please tag or message me, I'll be glad to answer any questions. Please include a link to the observation if you have questions, don't make me look for it. But please tag me if you want me to look, I get a lot of notifications and may miss a comment.

My maverick IDs Any help appreciated.

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