John Landon

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My virtual goldfish bowl screensaver keeps me happy. I elected to delete the fish from the screen so I just look at an empty bowl, but it’s far less maintenance that way. Barney Rubble is a much under appreciated supporting actor. Crab cakes should contain Crab ,not Krab.. I drive to enjoy the sceneries ,so if you are behind me, you should have left 15 seconds earlier. Minor League Baseball is far superior to the Majors. There is no excuse for serving hot food on cold plates and visa versa.. Wander without a purpose, discovery is a goal in itself. Gas station coffee ,at select hours, can be quite satisfying. Anything that can be accomplished in 180 seconds or less should be done immediately. Vanilla trumps chocolate in a card game of cookies. I am a Bird Your Own Birds ,BYOB, birder so I do not chase after sightings. I find that as exciting as getting a pizza delivered, reasonable expectations as to what you are getting, the only variable is the time element. I like the “never expected to see that today” discovery. Public radio, jazz and classical. Quality ingredients and vine juice. Albert Einstein nailed it. Whatever makes you happy, makes me happy- within reason.

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