First Identifications of Leucanopsis biedala (Lepidoptera; Erebidae) on Inaturalist.

Leucanopsis biedala is a species first described by Schaus, 1941 ( with the type locality being the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina; however, no figure was provided in the description. The BOLDSystems website has images of pinned specimens of the species. The images provided by Maurício M. Zenker are dark and difficult to observe the color patterns, while the photo provided by Benoit Vincent in 2011 appears to be a misidentification and seems to belong to the species Leucanopsis mandus. Another specimen from Benoit Vincent from 2020 has better quality and appears to be correctly identified. The website has a photograph of a live specimen of the species with credits to Maria Isabel Weyermanns (, the specimen matches the description of the species and also the specimens from the BOLDSystems website, but there is no information on who identified this photograph.

The species is characterized by its yellow color; a dark brown stripe centered on the dorsal side of the thorax; two brown bands on the forewing, one curved on the costa and one straight on the anal margin; fringe with dark spots where the veins end.

Based on this information, a search was made on the Inaturalist website for photos of the species. Images of specimens identified at least in the subfamily Arctiinae in the region near its known distribution area were selected.

21 photographs of Leucanopsis biedala were found distributed in the Brazilian states of Santa Catarina, Paraná, São Paulo, and Bahia, as well as in the Argentine province of Misiones.

In addition to these locations found, the species was known for the Brazilian states of Rio de Janeiro and Amazonas (Ferro, 2007). However, the species was not known for the province of Misiones, possibly being the first evidence of the species for the province and also for Argentina ( Thus, Leucanopsis biedala ceases to be endemic to Brazil.


Ferro, Viviane Gianluppi. Diversidade de mariposas Arctiidae (Lepidoptera) do cerrado. 2007. Tese (doutorado) - Curso de ecologia, Universidade de Brasília, Brasília, 2007.

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