Observation of a very rare beetle of the species Bergidora picturella (Coleoptera; Buprestidae)

One of my personal goals on Inaturalist is photograph and publish very rare taxa. For this purpose, I defined as very rare the taxa that have less than 10 observations on Inaturalist. In december 26 I did a morning walk in a rural road while photographing biodiversity. I found a beautiful beetle in flowers of Verbena rigida.

I posted the photos in the Inaturalist site and the beetle was identified as Bergidora picturella by the user fmiudo.

The species is well known for Argentina but I was incapable of find any reference of the species for Brazil.
This can be the first evidence of the species for Rio Grande do Sul state and Brazil. Bergidora picturella looks intimaly related with plants of the genus Verbena because almost all the observations in the site Inaturalist the beetle are in Verbena flowers.

Why it is rare?

Occurrence area in South America where have fewers naturalists.
Small organism, better photographed with macro lens.
Possibly small populations.

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