Keep on logging plant times

I have been keeping a log at home but realize I should keep it here.

Timing this year recently:
The Buckeye started blooming mid-May and are still blooming now second week of June.

Mid-may I harvested douglas fir tips and made a yummy punch with four cups tips, eight cups water and two cups sugar, cooked in crockpot overnight then cooled. It was tasty this way but could be adjusted.

End of May I started seeing St. John's wort blooming. Now that we're in the second week of June it is in full flower, with large patches blooming in the disturbed areas and burned areas from 2017.

End of May through beginning of June firecracker flowers are blooming along Archer Lane (what pollinates them??) At the same time the Ceanothus stopped blooming after having flowers all May.

At the beginning of June I saw the beginnings of elder blossoms on the Brooktrails tree near the flats, but before that in May along Highway 101 in the 2017 burn areas the elders were already flowering. Now in the second week of June, the Brooktrails tree has caught up and is loaded with blossoms. The elder in the spring that was planted is also blooming earlier than the tree on the Flats. (I haven't observed blossoms in the canyon this year, but along westside road in Sonoma County they bloomed even earlier).

Also at the beginning of June the soap root sent up shoots and I harvested several. The deer beat me to many that were growing in the meadow. The tender stalks sauteed like asparagus and had no detectable saponin taste in them.

Second week of June the mariposa lilies are in full bloom, along with the mallow at the end of Archer Lane. The etherial spears are in full bloom as well. I have never dug for them up to this point.

Also, at this time the flowering for the wild strawberry in Brooktrails had finished and I saw ripe fruits, but by the second week of June I couldn't locate any new flowers or fruit (by contrast my domestic strawberry plants growing on the shady deck are only just now flowering).

Berries have set on the manzanita but are green everywhere that I've seen them.

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