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Finishing my first season of observing insects in my backyard. I followed the summer unfold and now things are gradually coming to an end. Until next spring. Thank you so much to all the very patient iNat users who ID and instruct, answer calls for help. (I stopped thanking people -even though it feels rude- so as not to clog their notification feed, but you know, thank you :)

My favorite observation is the Calliopsis Cuckoo Nomad bee, a rather rare sight, identified thanks to Myelaphus, Susanna H and John Ascher:

My new favorite observation is now a warty leaf beetle:

Wonderfully patterned beetle observed by Leo Petropolis, and IDed by Boris B. and a little bit by me:

I IDed one of the seven observations of Wasp leafhopper on iNat. It took me THREE days but I got there in the end (observation by Joselyn Paz, confirmed by Susanna H. and Wongun):

I love browsing other people's observations on iNaturalist and chances are I will fav one of your pics at some point. There are so many amazing things out there.

I am trying my hand at IDying and have made some progress -my eye has sharpened and my knowledge has expanded a tiny little bit while my prudence and understanding of the sheer craziness and diversity out there have grown. Needless to say, you should always take my IDs as mere suggestions and get a second opinion, although I am now more reliable for very general IDs such as order levels.

I love it if you have a little about yourself, interests, specialization etc... in your profile.
Tag me if I have made a mistake and did not withdraw; it means I have missed notifications of this post, somehow.

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My entomological Spanish is def improving :) BICHO CANASTO is the name for a some bagworm moth larvae.

"J'étais là, telle chose m'advint." (la Fontaine)

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