Jessica Leigh Allen

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I was raised exploring the fields & forests of central Pennsylvania, and began photographing my observations while in treatment for breast cancer (2009-2010).

A decade later, I have begun adding my 'archive' of those old images (taken largely with a Fuji FinePix and Nikon CoolPix) to iNat so I may catalog a more accurate Life List. Most of my older images do not qualify as high quality, but I have identified a number of species which, prior to embarking upon this 'quarantine' project, might otherwise have remained forgotten in my digital archive.

In June 2020 I began adding Casual observations from our 6,686 sq foot suburban property. Most plants are U.S. or PA-native species and while they cannot be elevated to Research Grade, I still think they're important.

Thank you *always* to those kind & knowledgeable iNat users who generously volunteer their identification skills -- you are much appreciated!

"If you have remarked errors in me, your superior wisdom must pardon them. Who errs not while perambulating the domain of nature? Who can observe everything with accuracy? Correct me as a friend, and I as a friend will requite with kindness." ~Linnaeus

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