Taxonomic Swap 41860 (Submetido em 02-11-2018)

Anagallis arvensis has been moved to the Taxon ‘Lysimachia arvensis’ to conform with Plants Of The World Online;
This has been discussed for a number of weeks without any objection to the move.

Plants of the World Online (Citação)
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replaced with


This taxonomic swap shouldn't change the common names anywhere. Can we get the regional common names for Lysimachia arvensis harmonized with what they were for Anagallis arvensis?

Publicado por chris_nelson cerca de 3 anos antes (Sinalizar)

All the common names are present. iNat is still in the process of the Taxon Swap maybe check back when it’s finished the task.

Publicado por w_martin cerca de 3 anos antes (Sinalizar)

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