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The basis for reinstating Ilyanassa is Puillandre et al. (2021): I used Ilyanassa for many years, but I've gotten used to Tritia. If we reinstate Ilyanassa in iNat for Western Atlantic species, we have to do it for Ilyanassa obsoleta as well. There are also some fossil species, but I don't think any of them are in iNat.

I have to say, I intensely dislike how iNat does taxon swaps. It should just show the current name next to the name used when the observation was made. Instead, the changed name is added as another observation, disregarding that it might have been refined or contradicted by subsequent identifications.

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To continue the discussion from here, I agree that genus changes are a bit annoying and don't make much sense with how the ID is displayed on observations. However, for splits, merges, and synonym swaps I think it makes more sense. As for the taxonomy I am OK committing these if that's what the community wants.

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