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Tagging top IDer @jeffgarner and top observer @jesseholifield just to make sure there's no issue transferring this to Leaunio. I don't have access to the book this was based on, but MolluscaBase is usually pretty good with these.

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Thanks Thomas, I don't have access to Watters' book either but the FMCS Bivalve subcommittee of the Common and Scientific Names Committee accepted Leaunio. I don't think they accepted all of the changes suggested by Watters but I'm not sure since I'm on the gastropod subcommittee and didn't participate. I know they voted on them on a case by case basis. I'm pretty sure they generally follow Molluscabase but not necessarily always. I still write Villosa in my field notes because I don't think this is the final word on this polyphyletic mess.

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