Another round of updates - still seeking feedback!

Hi everyone!

Please note there is more info about this project here:

Update: We've made a few more changes following feedback from our incredible collaborators; we added more optional questions, added a couple answer options to a required question, and changed some of the wording.

Required questions

  1. Tree canopy symptoms
  2. Percent canopy affected (%)
  3. Number of additional unhealthy trees
  4. Other factors

Optional questions

  1. Other factor descriptions
  2. Tree canopy transparancy
  3. Site type (development)
  4. Site description
  5. Site hydrology
  6. Slope position
  7. Aspect
  8. Can we contact you?
  9. General notes

We would love your feedback: are there other questions that should be included? Are the questions unclear? What barriers have you experienced?

Let us know by contacting us, messaging @jmhulbert, commenting below, or emailing


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