October review

Its November. Migration of shorebirds and raptors is still underway. I asked if we could get 31,000 before today. You guys exceeded with an extra 451 observations. Thank you so much for everyone who goes out and reports on any life that resides inside of this wonderful county we call home.

Overall stats
Observations: 31,451
Species: 2,754

New observations: 1658
Observations per day : 55.2

New species: 78
New species per day: 2.6
New species per observation: 1/20

New species:
Plants: 27
Birds: 2
Mammals: 3
Amphibians: 0
Reptiles: 0
Insects: 15
Fungi: 30
Arachnids: 1
Fishes: 0
Other: 0
Mollusks: 1
Chromista: 0
Protozoans: 0

Can we make 34,000k by December. I know its alot but I am going to try and do 300 of those observations personally. Is anyone else willing to pledge to that as well?

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