October review

Oops. Little late on this one. Our numbers are down this month but we did have all that nasty smoke so it’s completely understandable. Raptors are migrating this month along with shorebirds and many other species. Can we get another new bird this month?

Overall stats
Observations: 29,793
Species: 2,676

New observations: 1451
Observations per day : 48

New species: 80
New species per day: 2.66
New species per observation: 1/20

New species:
Plants: 46
Birds: 3
Mammals: 1
Amphibians: 0
Reptiles: 0
Insects: 6
Fungi: 8
Arachnids: 5
Fishes: 0
Other: 0
Mollusks: 1
Chromista: 0
Protozoans: 0

Can we get 31,000 total observations before November ?

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