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14 de abril de 2021

Virus-related iNatForum feature requests

The following iNatForum feature requests seek to correct the presentation of viruses on iNaturalist. You may be interested to read and vote for them.

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23 de fevereiro de 2021

Virus identification resources

In the absence of laboratory diagnostic techniques it is usually difficult if not impossible to identify a virus-like disease to species-rank. Ideally, identification of a virus-like disease would begin with identification of the host1, finding a list of confirmed viruses of that host2, and selection from that list according to matching symptoms3.

1. Often achievable; if host is wild you can duplicate your observation on iNaturalist for identification
2. Rarely achieveable; probably due to a lack of research, or lack of accessible information, for many species
3. Sometimes achievable; but only if images or descriptions of symptoms can be be located, and only if there are no other species that produce similar symptoms

Below is a list of resources that may be used to identify virus-like diseases.

  • International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV). The ICTV maintains a complete database of all accepted viral taxa. This can be used to cursorily check whether there are, or have ever been, any virus species names that include the name of a host of interest. Note that some viruses may infect more species than than just the host mentioned in their name, and some virus species names do not include the name of any host. To search this database, tick the box Select to search across all ICTV releases and query the host genus and host common name(s).

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Invertebrate iridescent virus 31

You were directed to this page because your observation shows evidence of Invertebrate iridescent virus 31 (IIV-31), and it is requested that you duplicate your observation so this virus may be formally recorded in the database in addition to the host.

Background. IIV-31 is a species of virus that infects Oniscidea (common names: woodlice, terrestiral isopods, slaters, rolly-polies, etc.). The accumulation of virions (virus particles) in the tissues of the hosts forms a crystal-like structure that reflects iridescent blueish-purple light. IIV-31 is rarely observed. The vast majority of hosts show no sign of infection. As such, as of the time of writing, there are only ~150 iNaturalist observations identified as IIV-31 despite there being ~74,000 observations of terrestrial isopods. That's 0.2%. It follows that an observation of IIV-31 is generally of greater informational value than an observation of the host. This is why it would be appreciated if you could follow the instructions below.

How to duplicate an observation

  • Go to your observation of the terrestrial isopod
  • Click the blue, downwards-pointing arrow button on the top-right of the page, which opens a drop-down list
  • Click Duplicate, which will take you to a new page
  • Write Invertebrate iridescent virus 31 in the text-field on the top-left of the page, below the text What did you see?
  • Click on the blue Save observation button on the bottom-left of the page. You have now duplicated your observation. Thank you.

If you would like to help further. In addition to observing IIV-31 yourself, you are encouraged to post a link to this page whenever you see a terrestrial isopod observation showing evidence of IIV-31 (that has not already been duplicated). Before doing so, ensure you have considered the other potential causes for such colouration; some hosts can be naturally blueish (e.g.: some Porcellionides and Cubaris spp.), false colour under dim lighting (example; this can be determined by asking the observer how it appeared to the naked eye), or use of ultraviolet (UV) light (example). If in doubt you can tag someone who has identified IIV-31 previously.

Exemplar observations by host

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