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22 de setembro de 2020

The big day is this Saturday! (Sept 26)

Hello iNaturalists,
We have only few more days for our virtual kickoff.
Right now, we are happy to report 100 project members reporting ~55,000 observations covering 5,250+ species from every part of Virginia.
Please check the SCHEDULE PAGE of the event website for the schedule and the Zoom link (Zoom link will be posted later this week).

We hope to see you all soon.

Virginia BioBlitz Team

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16 de setembro de 2020

Things that you can do beyond sharing your observations

There are so many opportunities for you beyond sharing your iNaturalist observations and attending the virtual event, you can win prizes and be famous in the iNaturalust community. Please check out the Activities Page of the VIrginia BioBlitz website for these unique opportunities.

a. Win a field guidebook by submitting 100+ observations on September 26
b. Artists- draw your favorite species and share with us
c. Teachers, parents and students- try out age-appropriate, iNaturalist-based, hands-on activities
d. All- share your notable observations, adventures and stories
e. Do not forget to download your Virginia BioBlitz Certificate after the virtual event. You deserve it!

Please spread the word with your family, friends, students, colleagues and all. If you have any questions or need clarification, please do not hesitate to email us at

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09 de setembro de 2020

Off to a great start!

Hello iNaturalists,
We want to report that we are almost there for 30,000 observations covering almost 3,800 species from Virginia. Thanks to all of your dedication to find and report species.
We have a little over two weeks for the big day.
Please spread the word among your family, friends, colleagues, students, neighbors...all!

Here is the updated website for more info and registration.
Questions: Email

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03 de setembro de 2020

Welcome to Virginia BioBlitz 2020

Welcome to Virginia BioBlitz 2020 organized by the Virginia Academy of Science (VAS). This project has two major objectives.
1) Promote exploration, discovery, citizen science, and conservation among K-12 students, teachers, scouts, college students, wildlife professionals, scientists, naturalists and their families and friends.
2) Collect a comprehensive statewide data set on biodiversity for research proposes.

Thanks for sharing your cool observations with us. If you are not already registered for the event, please do so at the following event website. Also, please promote this event among your family, friends, colleagues and anyone, and join our virtual kickoff and checkpoints on September 26 starting from 9.00AM.
More info and registration at

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