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26 de maio de 2021

It's a Different Year

Last year I could find Hunt's Bumblebees every place I looked. This year I haven't seen one. All the bumblebees seem to be late in coming out. I will post some photos from the weekend and Tuesday. The bumblebees seemed large and the same even though in different locations.

Hope you are seeing some interesting bumblebees where you are.

Great news - we are almost totally funded for the Great Plains (SD, ND, KS portion) Bumblebee Atlas. We will be getting the cooperative agreement ready with the Xerces Society and then looking for help to conduct surveys. Stay tuned.

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01 de maio de 2021

A Cooperative Bumblebee

Today I had a bumblebee that let me get a couple photos (see today's observations). Also had a bumblebee in my yard but it preferred to stay hidden in a brush pile. Hopefully it has a nest.

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30 de abril de 2021

First Bumblebee of the year

Finally caught a quick glimpse of a bumblebee today. The weather hasn't been great, but dandelions, plums and golden currant are in full bloom. So where are all the bees? Even the smaller bees seems to be hiding around the Pierre, SD area.

I hope some of you are finding some bumblebees. I'll try again tomorrow.

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09 de fevereiro de 2021

Happy New Year

Hello everyone. We were very happy with the interest in bumble bees last year, and hope to get even more involvement this summer. Charlie and I are trying to start a South Dakota Bumble Bee atlas with the help of several professional biologists, and if we are successful, we will need help from as many volunteers as possible. We will need people willing and able to learn survey protocols help to document the presence of all bumble bee species they encounter on surveys. Even if we are not successful in securing funding, we hope to run a more formal bumble bee survey summer, and hope to have time for some centralized coordination. In the meantime, please post any photos from bumble bees you took last summer. The best photos include a shot of the backside of the full thorax and abdomen (underwing if possible), a clear view from the side, and if possible, a close up of the face. This includes 2-3 photos.

If possible, please note the plant species the bee was photographed on, or observed feeding from.

Please feel free to message either of us with questions.

Hope your 2021 is far better than your 2020


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24 de setembro de 2020

It's already September

Well, we are entering the home stretch for bumble bees in South Dakota. We are up to 19 species seen in South Dakota, including Western Bumble Bee (thanks Rebnewt!!) and Southern Plains Bumble Bee. Many of the bees we will see from now on will be either drones or queens. The cooler temperatures will allow for really nice photos. All the information is helping the bees, other pollinators, and natural areas across the state.


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27 de agosto de 2020

Bumble Bees hiding in the grass

Yesterday I was trying to get a photo of a bumble bee and it landed on a plant stem, went down the stem and disappeared into the grass. Must have been time for a break. It was a hot day.

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20 de agosto de 2020

Back half of August

We are in the back half of August, and the community has added 3 BB species to the South Dakota Inaturalist list, included Western Bumble bee. Thanks to everyone who is actively taking photos, and looking for that one bee that seems just a little bit different. Bumble bees shiver, allowing them to raise their body temperature and remain active when it is too cold for other species. If you are out early in the morning, the bees will allow you to get VERY close for photos. Please remember to get several angles, including the top of the abdomen, the full face, if possible, and a good side view with legs included. Have fun, and keep posting those quality photos!!


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07 de agosto de 2020

Attack of the drones

Not really attack, but rather, there are males out and about now. Males coloration may be extremely varied, and differ from females. I just took a photo of a American BB drone, and was unsure if it was even a bumble bee. The eyes can be very different from females. When I comment on a photo, I will try to justify my ID. I may be wrong, but I hope my train of thought makes sense. If you are one of the bee experts, I value any input you have on be ID, and why my ID is wrong.

Please keep snapping photos, and posting them here.


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01 de agosto de 2020

Hunt's Bumble Bees

Early this spring I was seeing Hunt's bumble bees everywhere I went. Now I never see one. Wonder where they are and what they are doing??

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05 de maio de 2020

Iphone Photo tips

I use the "Live" feature for photos. This gives you a small video so you can select the best pose and focus. I will get fairly close to the bee and take 3-4 shots, then try to get closer. I end up deleting most of my photos, but I usually get a one or two photos with nice detail, and I have gotten a couple great photos that would not have been nearly as good with just one frame.

So far, I have three species documented, and seen at least a 4rth. Keep looking and snapping photos!


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