Rubus (Brambles) of Britain and Ireland's Boletim

10 de outubro de 2019

Formation of "Rubus of Britain and Ireland"

A new project called "Rubus (Brambles) of Britain and Ireland" has been created on iNaturalist today (10/10/2019) to allow the recording of all Rubus species, and hybrids, within the British Isles and Ireland. This follows the addition of ALL the relevant Rubus species names to the iNaturalist species dictionary over the last couple of days.

Enjoy recording Rubus and posting your photographs on this project to help build a picture of the distribution of the various species !! When photographing Rubus it is helpful if you take shots of the leaves, the underside of the leaves, a close-up of the stem and, if available, shots of the flowers and fruits. These all help towards achieving a positive identification.


Steve J. McWilliam

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