2019 Oregon Rare Species List Published

Hello iNaturalists,

The Oregon Biodiversity Information Center, which administers this iNaturalist project, recently published our updated 2019 Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Species of Oregon book. Statuses and distributions for many hundreds of Oregon's rare plants, animals, and fungi are listed. You can download the PDF or browse our Rare Species Publications page for Excel excerpts and supporting information.

I have updated this iNaturalist project's species list to reflect many of the additions, drops, and name changes made in our 2019 publication. In particular, we added a lot of fungi during this round of list revision. Generally when we add a new species to our list, we place it on our List 3 - Needs More Information list. These are species where there is some evidence for rarity, but we need more information to assess its status, or perhaps with more information we learn that it is too common to be listed.

If you're curious about our ranking definitions or ranking methodology there are plenty of resources online for your perusal.

Happy observing!

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Lindsey, now that this is out, do you know if there's any plan to get the status of these species updated on iNat? If so, I'm willing to help with some of it this winter.

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Hi Tom,

Part of our small group discussion within the NatureServe community is working out a way to bulk update these statuses with iNaturalist periodically. I think we're a ways away from getting that in place as we're still in the internal discussion phase and haven't yet had discussions with iNat, so manually editing them is probably the faster route in the short-term, though potentially still a lot of work.

Were you thinking of updating the global ranks (G-ranks) only? It doesn't look like many (any?) of the state ranks (S-ranks) are in iNat, so it may be better to wait for some type of bulk import for those.


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If there's an effort for bulk updates, I'll certainly wait on that unless there are some critical ones missing. I had just noticed that some things on the (old) Oregon list had no status listed in iNat.
- Tom

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Glad to hear that. I hope to continue to add sightings of birds and mammals to this project this winter.

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Thank you for sharing your observations @chrisleearm!

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