South/Aldercroft side - 3/25/2020

Coverage: Aldercroft Heights Road intersection to stop sign.
2:50pm - 4:35pm

Dead newts: 29
- one juvenile (I've been putting a ruler in the photo with the small ones)

+ One live large spotted banana slug sliding across the road

Vehicles: 22
Bikes: 5
Pedestrians: 4

Weather: Chilly, some sprinkles, a bit of rain, mostly cloudy.
Rainfall: MTD 2.69in, YTD 17.9in (per

Again, I removed all of the newts I recorded, except the first one, just spaced and got distracted.

It was nice to see a small patch of delphiniums blooming along the road. And I was amazed at how many (probably) Calochortus albus there are in patches, not flowering yet, but will be wonderful when they are.

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